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Asset Recovery

This service is focused on removal of IT assets requirements and their subsequent recovery making them available to the customer for a future relocation within its structure.

Specially focused on those companies whose structures are changing and, depending on the dynamics of their market, requiring  the relocation of these assets in other facilities or their storage for a period of time waiting for a decision.


Sending information

The client sends detailed information of the assets to be removed, as well as the different collection sites and the necessary contact information.


Factoría Digalco will send human resources and the necessary tools to the collection site for the controlled collection of the requested assets.


For the transport of the assets collected Factoría Digalco will implement adapted vehicles for the specific collection and will also implement a tracking and control system that allows us to know where they are at any time.


Once the assets are downloaded at our facilities, they will undergo an audit process that, by customer´s request, all the information in them will be deleted and documented according to their key factors.

See Erasure Report
See Inventory Report


Process in which, at the customer’s request, the assets are subjected to a reconditioning process that leaves the same totally ready for reuse by the customer. The reconditioning steps are:

  • Internal cleaning
  • External cleaning
  • Functional check
  • Packaging on average

Storage and custody:

Once the reconditioning process is completed, the client can request the storage and custody of the asset in the form that he requests it and for as long as he needs, pending processes subsequent or dependent on future decisions.


Service oriented to the sending of the assets to the different places according to the client indications, being able to implement within the same the installation in situ of the hardware devices.