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Secure Data Erasure

Data is one of the most important resources of any organization. They may contain information about intellectual property, commercial and suppliers databases, services and fees, personal details, etc…

Thus, in an increasingly digital world, sensitive data comes and goes throughout multitude of IT devices that we have available in any organization. Ensuring that their disposal at the end of the useful life of the hardware devices that have been holding them is the duty and good work of both companies and institutions.

We offer a secure, reliable and effective solution for data erasure trying to make this an opportunity to be shared with our customer.

Removal procedure of IT devices must guarantee   protection and complete removal of such data, without any possibility of recovery neither leakage during the custody of the assets.

Factoría Digalco only uses software which has been approved by the most demanding government organizations and certified by CESG: Blancco, Aiken for hard disk drives, SSDs and mobile phones data erasure. These software provides a complete removal of all the data, and performs a verification of this removal process. It creates an individual erasure record for each item and registers its serial number in the job resource report provided along with the report for the customer.

The assets are downloaded from the transport conveyed and are settled in a segregated area and they remain at this place until they are processed through the data destruction lines.

Any drive that could not be deleted is pulled out from the system and it is individually registered in our Asset Management System Tool (dSolution). Depending on the customer requirement, these units may be cleared out and/or destroyed in our facilities moving on for the next waste management process.

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