About us

Factoría Digalco is integrated within the working structure of Grupo Digalco, S.L.

We are a company with more than 20 years of experience in the computering technology sector whose DNA is fundamentally composed of Hardware.

We have witnessed since the very beginning as protagonists to the vertiginous evolution that has experienced the world of computer hardware. The permanent improvements of software manufacturers in operating systems as well as improvements in management and production programs have led hardware manufacturers to a permanent race in improving their products to live up to the expectations  the market is demanding. This has generated a virtuous/vicious circle that makes renewals of ICT materials constant within the business world.

As a result of this movement, new problems arise and in parallel new opportunities.

Technological renewals entail processes that force customers to comply with environmental and data protection standards. Doing it according to these two elements is the responsibility of the companies.

From Factoría Digalco we put at your disposal all the necessary tools in this reverse logistics so they can satisfactorily comply with their Legal Obligations and if it is prescriptive, they can profit economically the whole process.

We want to be with our customer side every time and connect their needs with solutions that provide transparency and comply with legal environmental and data protection requirements. For this, Factoría Digalco has all the legal authorizations as a waste manager, as well as tools and audited processes at ISO 14001, 9001 that offer all the guarantees of quality both in the processes and in the legal documentation required.

Factoría Digalco is located in the Industrial Site of Bergondo in A Coruña (Spain). We have facilities of more than 5,000 square meters that have security measures: alarm, video surveillance and private security. All designed to be able to offer the maximum guarantees of control and security in the works to be carried out.

We have a wide national and international network that allows us to offer our services in these territories implementing in all of them the same procedures of quality and guarantee.

We have always gone hand in hand with our customers. They have marked us the demand and we have accepted the challenge: Walking together and moving forward in a permanent movement.