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Human Workteam

Human Workteam

All we are and everything we do, we do it in and for the people. The staff, the team is our reference.

We know that this can be achieved with the right working team and the necessary motivation. We have a staff constantly pushing up to endure the challenges of a competitive market.

Factoría Digalco human team is set up from a wide range of multidisciplinary profiles. Together we have been lining up these profiles that are becoming better with the passing years and are evolving in a continuously improvement process.

In order to carry out successfully all the working processes a high degree of specialization is required as well as the necessary sensitivity in each position.

Capable of making easy the difficult:

• Collecting an asset in Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Paris, London

• Legal advising on environmental regulation framework

• Offering the best management for a hardware removal

• Knowing the value of an asset to be removed

• Providing accurate solutions for a complex removal situation

• Generating specific reports

This can only be properly achieved when you give a highly effective performance by means of human team like ours who have the experience, training and motivation to do it permanently with efficiency.

Our team is undoubtedly the determining factor in the success of our work.